Seminyak | First Thoughts

And we’ve made it! Bali! The beautiful tropical island off the coast of mainland Indonesia. Starting in Seminyak, this is where we’ll see our first jungles and tides on our backpacking adventure. 

With only 2 weeks on the island we had to choose somewhere to start and for us this was Seminyak. Close to the airport and the beach a stones throw away, where better to begin our island adventure. 

After clearing immigration and waiting for our bags (which were always going to be the last ones off the plane) we had to find a taxi that wasn’t going to rinse us of all our cash. The first group of cabbies we came across at the airport were pushy, not taking no for an answer and followed us all the way out of the airport. The local cabs that actually have fair prices are called Bluebirds, unmissable when painted metallic blue and hearing their ‘toot toot’s’ from a mile away.

Our journey to the first nights accommodation was a drive through the chaotic Kuta, seeing one car accident and several thousand mopeds holding several million passengers. Once we arrived at the hostel we were introduced to both our mattress on the floor and the hostel rat that lives under the sink, he and Jess hit it off wonderfully.

After taking our first communal shower, we headed down towards the beach using a painfully slow offline map, winding through streets full of knock-off nikes and Warungs (Bali’s version of street food cafes). Eventually finding the beach it appeared as though we’d also discovered every tourist in the whole of Seminyak. We sifted through the bustling bars, eventually finding ourselves a small table next to sit at where we enjoyed our first Bintang for 30k (around £1.50) whilst listening to a seriously dodgy remix of Jolene. 

When walking to our hostel, we decided it was definitely time for some food. As we got slightly further from the beach we found the prices dropped considerably and found a nice little restaurant where we were able to have a dinner of schnitzel, rice and noodles with a beer and coke for 80k (£4ish) each while watching the waitresses play tag around us. It definitely hit the spot. Unfortunately the spending for the day didn’t end there as Jess managed get the bottom of both her feet covered in blisters. Needing to find urgent replacements for the 10 year old Havianas she had on, we managed to haggle some fake sliders down from 260k (£13) to160k (£8).

After navigating the route home we fell into bed, praying the air-con worked and looking forward to our last day in Seminyak before venturing onwards to Ubud, the hipster haven of Bali.


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