Our Top Tips for aeroplane travel on your backpacking journey

Whether you are about to embark on a backpacking adventure in South East Asia, skiing the mountains of Canada or a road trip across South America these are our 5 essential tips for aeroplane travel whilst on your backpacking journey.

  1. Only pack essentials in your hand luggage.

    The odds are it will spend the entire flight above your head while you are watching films or trying to sleep. It will also end up being an inconvenience to carry around the airport when preparing for aeroplane travel. 

  2. Try and book flights that best suit your sleeping pattern

    If you are like us you may well struggle to sleep on planes, if this is the case try and find a flight that both takes off and lands as close to the evening as possible allowing you to sleep as soon as you arrive to beat jetlag!

  3. Have an easy-to-access wallet with your passport and essential paperwork in.

    Wrestling through your bag at the gate is never fun, especially when it’s hot, there’s a queue behind you and your passport or boarding pass is at the bottom. Use a simple plastic wallet that keeps everything in one place and protects your documents. 

  4. Buy water before flights from an airport shop

    A bottle of water never normally costs much but when you’re flying through the night, trapped in your seat by a sleeping baby or grumpy man who doesn’t want to keep getting up for you to get a thimble of water from the rear of the plane it makes your life a lot easier.

  5. Wear your bulky shoes on the plane

    Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane! Not only will they save you loads of room, but they’ll also support you best whilst carrying your bag at its heaviest (before you realise you didn’t need half of what you brought with you anyway). 


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