Ao Nang | Our first Thai Trip

The journey from Penang to Krabi was surprisingly ok considering we spent eight hours on a cramped minibus as well as experiencing our first Thai land crossing; which was surprisingly ok. The rest of the journey passed smoothly, admittedly, Netflix’s ‘Final Table’ kept us sane for a large portion of it. We spent our first night in Thailand in Krabi Town, a five minute walk away from their huge night market which offered every type of seafood imaginable along with some awful singing of western pop remixes. Digging into our first authentic Penang curries and sheltering from the never-ending rain, we “cheersed” our Chang’s on the basis that we hadn’t killed each another yet and looked set to head to Ao Nang the next day.

The next morning we took a ‘bus’ which turned out to be a pickup truck with a roof to Ao Nang. We’d decided that we’d spend the next few days relaxing on the beach and drinking overpriced beer. Ao Nang offered us a slight insight into Thai culture however the tourist filled restaurants and bars definitely meant the prices were much higher than we had first expected. As we’d expected when we chose to head to Thailand early the weather dramatically improved with the rain from our first night in Krabi having given way to clear blue skies and 30 degree heat. Ao Nang’s tourists, dressed from head to toe in clothing and jewellery they’d unsuccessfully haggled in the ‘tut’ shops lined the beaches, taking selfies dozens at a time. We soon realised that we needed to make a plan for Christmas which was only a few days away so we settled on heading to Koh Lanta for a few days and then Phi Phi or back to Ao Nang for Christmas. 

The trip to Ao Nang was perfectly relaxing with just some time spent on the beach enjoying the warm sea and incredible views if the islands that lay off the coast. And the sun. At last.


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